Luxus Renders

These Luxus 3D images were rendered using Daz3d mainly using an Nvidia GTX660Ti GPU and sometimes a pair of K5500s in SLI mode. To see the IRAY renders go HERE

In the first picture (above), I used a photo of a public housing project in New York as the background in the window. I think the floor is a bit too shiney though!
The computer crashed doing the render above and somehow the image survived!This last image was touched up in Photoshop because the render came out too dark. I like how her helmet’s visor shows a reflection of the landscape outside…

Which Render engine is better? IRAY or Luxus? It is a matter of preference with regards to their outputs. IRAY has a lot of settings which can be used to dial in the exact type of image you want to see. Luxus has a number of settings that result in some great images. But I think to really get the most out of Luxus, one needs to have some knowledge of photography. I like them both actually. More Luxus output on the way. -RB

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